September 24th, 2016

New pipes laid in bid to ease flooding risk in Alcester

New pipes laid in bid to ease flooding risk in Alcester New pipes laid in bid to ease flooding risk in Alcester
Councillor Gittus, centre, with Alcester Town Coun Mark Cargill and Ben Bladen, site agent.

A FURTHER £400, 000 are being invested in Alcester flood defence work as part of an ongoing scheme of improvement in Alcester.

Severn Trent has commenced with the replacement of the sewage main, connecting the north of the town to the sewage treatment plant at Oversley.

The work involves the provision of 1.3km of new pipe to replace a long-failing system that has burst on a number of occasions.

The failures are due to the pressures placed upon the system by flood water entering the existing crumbling pipe work.

County Councillor Mike Gittus (Alcester) has driven the improvements in the towns flood infrastructure since the disastrous floods of 2007.

“We have been pressing Severn Trent to undertake this work for several years after a number of serious pipe bursts on the old system caused disruption to the residents of Alcester and Oversley,” he said.

“I am very pleased that Severn Trent are taking the steps and making the investment to alleviate this long standing problem.”

Town Coun Mark Cargill added: “I live in Oversley and the disruption caused by sewage tankers moving waste water throughout the town each time there has been a burst has placed a regular strain on the community. I have an engineering background and I appreciate the issues involved in this type of large scale engineering works.”

Ben Bladen, the site agent for the contract, was pleased with the progress of the work. He confirmed he would continued to update and liaise with local residents and was on schedule to complete the works by the start of July.