September 25th, 2016

New steps too high for many to climb

New steps too high for many to climb New steps too high for many to climb
Updated: 10:19 am, May 07, 2015

ACCESS to an open space popular with dog walkers has finally been re-opened.

But former councillor and Brockhill resident Jim Uphill claims the steps leading up to the new gate on Brockhill Lane, which was installed last week, are far too high for residents with mobility problems. He also expressed annoyance at the delays in getting the issue resolved.

The Standard reported in June last year Mr Uphill was unhappy people were having to walk for an extra half-a-mile to the alternative access on Plumstead Close.

Redditch Borough Council said at the time it was in the ‘best interests of public safety’ to close the Brockhill Lane gate.

But the decision has now been reversed and a new gate has been installed, which opens inwards to avoid swinging out on to the road and has handrails and steps up to the field.

A council spokeswoman added the gate was originally due to be installed in early September but was delayed by the late delivery of it by the manufacturer. She added there was no set standard for how high the steps should be but plans were approved by borough and county councillors as ‘appropriate’ for the surrounding area and landscaping.

Coun Pattie Hill, who represents Batchley and Brockhill, said she was thrilled the gate had finally been installed.

“Residents have been asking for a new access point to be put in for a long time – especially after a resident injured their fingers.” she said.

“I would always advise using the access on Plumstead Close as this is set away from the busy lane.

“However, I know that many people used to climb over the service gate which is very dangerous, so I’m glad that a more practical solution has been put in place.”