September 23rd, 2016

No holds barred at Redditch Judo Kwai

No holds barred at Redditch Judo Kwai No holds barred at Redditch Judo Kwai
Oliver Scarratt and Claire Dowler, judo instructors
Updated: 12:01 pm, Oct 03, 2015

THERE are no holds barred at the new Redditch Judo Kwai club which has just opened its doors.

A twin of the Bromsgrove club, it offers classes in the defensive martial art for everyone from complete beginners to improvers and from children to adults.

“It’s a fun way to keep you fit and its family orientated,” said coach Claire Dowler.

“Judo means ‘the gentle way’ but it’s not a softer sport, it’s all about looking after yourself and protecting yourself. So for instance if someone comes up to you at a cashpoint and demands your money you’d be able to deal with it.”

She added that the ‘Judo Code’ can also be a life changer.

“You are taught respect through Judo and to help others – it makes you a better person,” said Claire.

The club is run by Claire and fellow coach Oliver Scarrett and classes are held on Fridays at Cookhill Village Hall – beginners from 5.30pm and senior classes from 6.30pm. For more information call Claire on 07943 970801.