October 1st, 2016

Ollie’s efforts bring in money

Ollie’s efforts bring in money Ollie’s efforts bring in money
Updated: 10:10 am, May 07, 2015

A NINE-YEAR-OLD battling a rare type of bone cancer has raised thousands of pounds in days to help other children.

Ollie Stevens-Smith launched his fund-raising campaign while undergoing chemotherapy to help improve Ward 15 at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The Studley St Mary’s Academy pupil was diagnosed with cancer just two months ago and is currently halfway through six rounds of chemotherapy, which see him staying in hospital for four days at a time. He will then be required to have an operation followed by more chemotherapy.

He told the Standard: “We hope to use the money to improve what it’s like to stay in hospital. I would like a room with laptops and chill out stuff because all the rooms at the moment are for younger ages.

“Each time I have stayed in hospital I have really hated it. I was finding it really hard and getting upset every night but if I improve what it’s like other people might find it easier as well.”

Initially Ollie set a target of £300 but after a yard and cake sale fetched £800 and many donations online he raised it to £1,000 and having smashed that he is now aiming for the £5,000 mark.

Within five days of starting his appeal, the Studley resident had raised £3,000 and he now has over £4,000.

Ollie’s sister Kira Swannell said: “It’s such a big achievement and we are all so proud of him, as he’s having to cope with so much at the moment but he still has time to think of others.

“He’s hoping the money will be used to make the ward more comfortable for the patients and therefore has named his campaign Ollie’s Bravery Fund, for all the brave little girls and boys who have to fight this horrible disease.”

Visit www.justgiving.com/kira-swannell for more information or to donate.