October 1st, 2016

One domestic violence victim is ‘one too many’

One domestic violence victim is ‘one too many’ One domestic violence victim is ‘one too many’
Updated: 9:46 am, May 07, 2015

ONE VICTIM of domestic abuse is one too many, a councillor has said.

Coun Joe Baker spoke out during the 16 Days of Action – an international focus on tackling the issue which is run from November 25 to December 10 by the White Ribbon Campaign.

During a Redditch Borough Council meeting earlier this week, Coun Baker – who has openly talked about his experience as a victim of abuse – said: “Whether the figure is one or a million, it is one too many.

“Sometimes people try not to talk about it because they don’t know how to deal with the situation. If men or women are going through domestic abuse or sexual violence it is so important people out there show empathy and want to support them.”

Coun Pat Witherspoon, who set up a centre for victims after suffering from abuse herself, said she did not believe enough was done to provide the sort of services which were needed.

“I know Worcester does and we have Victim Support in town. People who are victims take the courage to ask for help but then they are told they have got to wait three weeks for an appointment and they might have to go to Worcester for it, they won’t do that. To me we need to make people aware help is available.”

She also said domestic violence knew ‘no boundaries’ after Coun Mike Braley questioned whether there were more or fewer offences in Redditch than anywhere else, following which he walked out of the discussion.