September 27th, 2016

Owner’s dismay as vandals damage car

Owner’s dismay as vandals damage car Owner’s dismay as vandals damage car

VERONICA Harvey couldn’t believe it when she went out to her car on Tuesday morning (August 25).

Vandals had smashed the rear passenger window of her Mini Cooper – causing £325 worth of damage – and overcome the central locking to force open the driver’s door.

There was nothing to steal in the car but as well as the damage and the loss of her no claims bonus, Ms Harvey, a carer, also lost a day’s work.

“They’ve put a fence up to keep the kids out but they just climb over it,” said the Yardley Close resident from Winyates, who only moved there in May.

“They also broke into an elderly man’s car and had a rummage around but didn’t steal anything,” she added.

“I told the police and they gave me a crime number but they haven’t done anything else – I mean, what was the point of telling them about it?”

However without CCTV and evidence the police said they had little to go on although Ms Harvey is the latest victim in a spate of overnight car crimes that has hit the Winyates and Matchborough area and officers are urging owners to ensure doors and windows are securely locked and closed.

They also advise against leaving any personal belongings on display and parking in poorly lit areas.

Anyone with any information regarding these vehicle crimes or who has seen or heard anyone acting suspicious, should call 101.

Anyone with any information on Ms Harvey crime is urged to contact police on 101 quoting incident number 96 of August 25.

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