September 27th, 2016

Parents take academy protest to the top

Parents take academy protest to the top Parents take academy protest to the top
Updated: 10:16 am, May 07, 2015

CONCERNED parents are calling on the education minister to stop changes at borough school.

Nicki Farnes, Rebecca Hyder and Sharon Harvey, who have created the Facebook group Redditch School Changes, are urging MP Nicky Morgan to reject the age change proposals at Tudor Grange Academy.

As the Standard has previously revealed, TGAR wants to expand to take pupils from the age of 11 and has recently submitted a business case to the Education Funding Agency asking to for the proposal to be introduced from 2016.

The move was met with a protest from people who were concerned it could destabilise the town’s middle schools and lead to the creation of a two-tier education system.

The group of parents are also encouraging others to sign a new petition to accompany the letter, claiming there is no need for the age expansion and it will cause chaos and disruption to the other schools.

Sharon Harvey said: “The petition is simple, our accompanying letter argues the lack of basic need, and also covers complaints about their proposal process and potential financial disruption.

“We really feel this is our last opportunity to stop the proposal.”

Search Redditch School Changes on Facebook for more information or to sign the petition.