September 27th, 2016

Party ponies saddle up for fun

Party ponies saddle up for fun Party ponies saddle up for fun

A GROUP of women from Wythall are galloping to success with a business venture that is putting smiles on people’s faces, both young and old.#

Ponies 4 Parties offers children’s themed parties, pony hire and assisted therapy visits to children with special needs and care homes for the elderly.

Rachel Amison, business owner, said: “We have always done summer fetes and charity fun rides for the community but we offically launched the company earlier this year.”

Along with two childhood friends, Kiera Ollivierre and Becky Bradnack, Rachel offers an extensive range of costumes which the ponies don for special occasions.

Including a unicorn, princess, pirate and lion, amongst the animals is also a ‘trick-pony’ who rears, bows and offers her hoof on command.

“It’s all about having fun and giving children happy faces,” Rachel added. “We want to take it as far as we can and the business has a real family feel as the three of us have grown up riding together.”

The majority of the ponies in the troupe were rescues, with one in particular, Silvie, having faced a traumatic experience.

“She was left on the side of the road with a passport around her neck,” Rachel said. “We like to give a pony second chance after people have given up on them.”

The business, which has gained 205 likes on its Facebook page over the last week alone, pledges 20 percent of its earnings from pony rides to charity.

For prices and more information email or call 07867973405.