September 25th, 2016

Plumped-up pumpkins in Winyates

A WINYATES resident was taken by surprise this Halloween season when a pumpkin plant she purchased yielded some extraordinary fruit.

Lyn Griffin brought a young pumpkin plant at a village Walkabout and expected the fruit to flourish into the usual colour – green turning to orange – and to develop into the regular size of the average pumpkin.

But Lyn’s plant began to ramble over a larger area of her plot at Winyates Green Allotment than she expected.

“It began to produce pale yellow fruit and whilst one remained football size the other three reached startling proportions.”

The pumpkins finally grew to such a size that 61-year-old Lyn had to ask her for help in bringing them home from her allotment.

Along with daughter Loretta Hope, Lyn managed to carve the pumpkins for Halloween and is currently on the lookout for any vegan recipes to use them in.

Lyn added: “In previous years we have made pumpkin pie and delicious spiced pumpkin muffins. This time we’re thinking of cream of pumpkin soup and a pumpkin pie smoothie.”