September 23rd, 2016

PM David Cameron visits Redditch to emphasise importance of EU for jobs and business

Updated: 5:07 pm, Jun 20, 2016

PRIME Minister David Cameron paid a visit to Redditch this morning (Monday, June 20) to visit car interior giant Grupo Antolin’s facility in North Moons Moat.

THE Spanish-owned company employs 600 people in Redditch and the PM was on a tour to emphasise just how important being a member of the European Union is to Great Britain and for British jobs and opportunities.

Grupo Antolin is the third largest car interiors supplier worldwide and the Redditch factory is one of the company’s most important centres in the UK.

The facility specialises in making door panels for BMW’s Mini, and the German giant’s Oxford factory was the next stage of Mr Cameron’s automotive supply chain journey to bring home the importance of the EU to the UK as the ‘in – out’ referendum nears.

During the visit, Mr Cameron was accompanied by José Manuel Rodríguez who explained to the Prime Minister the production processes of the doors, and how the company has developed the latest technology to meet the demanding customer’s quality standards.

As a result the production facility can run off more than 800,000 versions of the same product at its Redditch base.

A spokesman for Grupo Antolin said: “From a business perspective the automotive industry is global and Britain is one of our most important markets and of course it is important that the UK remains in the European Union.”

Grupo Antolin equips 90 per cent of the cars produced in United Kingdom.