September 23rd, 2016

Police advice as burglaries spike

Police advice as burglaries spike Police advice as burglaries spike
Updated: 11:42 am, Jul 25, 2015

WINYATES and Matchborough are being targeted by thieves over the summer with a noticeable spike in burglaries of dwellings, say police.

And they say most of these could have been prevented due to windows and doors being left open or insecure.

Although house burglaries in Redditch are rare with less than one offence a day, police say a burglar may target several homes in the same area within a relatively short period of time.

“An open window is like an invitation to a criminal. When a window is left open, especially overnight, the burglar knows he can get in and out with little risk of being heard or detected,” say the local neighbourhood police team.

They say householders should:

1) Keep criminals away from the side and back of your home by fitting a strong, lockable, high gate.

2) Don’t leave garden tools or similar items lying around as a burglar could use them to break into your home.

3) Fit dusk-to-dawn security lights above external doors and windows.

4) Check the rear garden fence is secure and consider adding a lightweight trellis top.

5) Keep bins away from places where they could help a burglar climb over a gate, fence or onto a flat roof.

6) Make sure your home looks occupied when you’re not in.

7) Lock your front and back doors even when you are at home.

8) Keep keys in a safe place not too close to a door or window and never leave your key in the door.

9) Consider fitting a security alarm.

10) Security marks your valuable items.

11) Be a good neighbour. Challenge anyone behaving suspiciously or report suspicious behaviour to the Police. Consider joining, or setting up a local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Don’t be afraid to stop and speak to officer about any concerns.

Any emergencies don’t forget to call 999.