September 22nd, 2016

Police crackdown on lorry parking in Redditch

Police crackdown on lorry parking in Redditch Police crackdown on lorry parking in Redditch

LOCAL police say they have successfully tackled the issue of Burnt Meadow Road being turned into a giant overnight lorry park.

The Church Hill road, close to Moons Moat industrial estate, had become a popular stopover for drivers of articulated lorries, many with trailers, sparking a series of complaints from nearby residents to the local Pact (Police and Communities Together) group.

There were complaints of anti social behaviour and hedgerows and bushes being used as toilets.

However following a site visit by police, councillors and local business owners the drivers were told to go elsewhere.

Council Leader and Church Hill councillor Bill Hartnett said: “This had become an increasing problem, some of the drivers were unhooking their trailers and driving off in the cabs leaving their loads unlit in the road, so it was becoming a road safety issue as well.

“We paid a site visit and the police had a word and asked them to move on to Hopwood Park services, a place with the appropriate facilities,” he said.

PC Jonathan Watts added: “It is pleasing to see that the message seems to have been clearly received. Drivers are now using alternative locations which provide the necessary facilities etc.

“We will of course continue to monitor the situation.”