September 26th, 2016

Praise for 999 crews after ‘nightmare’ crash

Praise for 999 crews after ‘nightmare’ crash Praise for 999 crews after ‘nightmare’ crash

A REDDITCH family is praising the ‘truly magnificent’ members of the emergency services who helped their five-year-old son following a horrific incident on Sunday (August 16).

Little Lincoln Woodfield had been playing outside his house on Britannia Close, Smallwood, when he fell off his bike and was sitting on the path wiping his grazed knee with a wet-wipe.

Dad Carl said he went outside to check on Lincoln and his brave son told him he would be fine.

But only five minutes later Carl and his wife Donna experienced every parent’s worst nightmare.

Their precious son had been ran over by a car as he sat on the path nursing his knee.

Carl said: “Around five or ten minutes after his fall I heard my daughter, Victoria, screaming and crying – at first I thought she had fell off her bike too.

“But she was hysterical and when I rushed outside I saw a group of people stood around a car – Lincoln was stuck underneath the middle of it.”

The car had driven over Lincoln’s bike and the child was wedged under the vehicle with the bicycle on top of him.

“It was a total nightmare, I got straight on the floor under the car,” Carl added.

“Lincoln just kept saying to me ‘Dad please get me out’.”

Carl was able to unclip his son’s helmet and slowly pull Lincoln, who complained of pains in his arms and back, out from under the vehicle.

The Woodfield’s children had been playing outside the back of the family home for the first time, following a trip to Frankie and Benny’s and a bowling alley, providing they came home to ‘check-in’ every 15 minutes.

After treatment at the scene Lincoln was rushed by ambulance to the Alexandra Hospital and then airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where the family were told their youngest son had suffered two breaks to his pelvis.

Luckily Lincoln does not have to endure surgery but an adult with his injuries would have to undergo an operation to pin the pelvis back together.

Thanks to his crash helmet, the-five-year-old will make full recovery but has to spend another three weeks in hospital, three weeks resting at home and will have to use a frame or crutches during the process of getting back on his feet.

“If he wasn’t wearing his helmet, well, it would have been the worse case scenario,” said Carl.

“It has affected all of us, my other two children saw the entire thing and I relive it every night when I go to bed – I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

“We just want to say a big thank you to the Air Ambulance, paramedics and police and all of the staff at the Alex and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.”

Police investigations are still ongoing into the incident and officers say they are not currently looking for witnesses.