September 24th, 2016

Redditch branch of BHS closes this weekend

Redditch branch of BHS closes this weekend Redditch branch of BHS closes this weekend
Updated: 9:30 am, Aug 01, 2016

THE Redditch branch of BHS will be closing today (July 30) with 29 others across the country.

The store in the Kingfisher Centre is one of many across the UK being forced to close, affecting around 11,000 members of staff nationwide.

One member of BHS staff said: “The closure has really affected all of us.

“It’s sad to see colleagues leave through no fault of their own, and yet they have to carry on working as though nothing is wrong.

“We have all worked really hard to try and revamp the brand, and now it feels like it has all been for nothing.”

Dave Gill, spokesman for the shopworkers’ trade union Usdaw said: “It is the final blow to BHS staff, who have been worried about their future for over a year since the company was sold for £1.

“Following the news that all remaining BHS stores will be closed by 20 August, Usdaw calls on the administrators to redouble their efforts in finding a buyer for the remaining stores and to secure as many jobs as possible.

“There are still some very serious questions that need to be answered about how a company with decades of history and experience in retail has now come to this very sorry end.

“We urge other high street retailers to look seriously at quickly re-employing the dedicated and experienced BHS workers who will all soon be unemployed.”

Usdaw is providing support, advice and representation to members at this turbulent time