September 26th, 2016

Redditch bus staff see rise in abuse

Redditch bus staff see rise in abuse Redditch bus staff see rise in abuse
Updated: 2:44 pm, Aug 12, 2016

RACIAL attacks ‘will not be tolerated’ say Diamond Bus bosses in the wake of a series of threats made to their drivers in Redditch.

Managers at the bus company say they have noticed a marked increase in such incidents involving their drivers since the Brexit vote and are treating the abuse seriously and have informed the police.

General manager, Dave Brundit said: “Diamond Bus will not tolerate any of its staff being subjected to any form of intimidation or threatening behaviour.

“Working closely with the local police, we have already identified some of the individuals involved in recent incidents and will press for the strongest possible course of action.”

The abuse has been experienced by drivers of both genders and of varying ages and experience – the only common factor is that the verbal and threatening behaviour appears to be racially motivated.

MP Karen Lumley visited the Diamond bus depot on Monday (August 8) and offered her support to victims of the abuse.

“It does not matter the colour of your skin or your nationality – we should all be able to walk around and go where we wish without fear,” she said.

“I am appalled that this sort of behaviour is deemed, by some people, to be the norm. It is not acceptable.”