September 27th, 2016

Redditch duo are to help get mojos back

Redditch duo are to help get mojos back Redditch duo are to help get mojos back
Updated: 12:12 pm, May 20, 2016

A REDDITCH pair have become ambassadors to help get people suffering with mental illness into exercise as part of a nationwide campaign.

Doug Richards and Emma Tisdell are taking part in England Athletics’ project, which is supported by Mind the mental health charity, and gets people talking about mental health problems.

The duo have both battled with depression and used running as a way of overcoming mental illness. They have joined the scheme to reduce the stigma around such issues.

Mr Richards said: “My involvement stemmed from my own battles with anxiety and depression which have cropped up at various time in my life and the way running has helped me overcome them.

“Exercise in all forms has been shown to be beneficial to mental wellbeing and we will be supporting people who maybe lack the self-esteem to start running on their own, or perhaps those who have run in the past but have lost their mojo temporarily due to their illness.

“We will not be trained counsellors, but can act as a link between our running groups and local mental health services and organisations.”

For more information or to become an ambassador, visit