September 30th, 2016

Redditch fugitive Michael Roden arrested on the run in Spain

Redditch fugitive Michael Roden arrested on the run in Spain Redditch fugitive Michael Roden arrested on the run in Spain

A REDDITCH fugitive has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of being a member of an international drug trafficking organisation.

Michael Roden was captured on November 4 at an address in Alomartes, Andalucia, as part of Operation Captura – an initiative between Crimestoppers, the NCA and the Spanish authorities to track down suspected or convicted criminals on the run in Spain.

Details could not be released until yesterday (Monday) to protect an ongoing Guardia Civil investigation being carried out in collaboration with the National Crime Agency.

The 26-year-old was one of seven people apprehended for allegedly belonging to a criminal organisation involved in drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, money laundering and forgery.

Roden is currently detained along with three men and three women who are Chilean, Romanian, Georgian and Spanish nationals.

A six-house search resulted in the seizure of around 30 kilos of cannabis, drug packaging material, several firearms, high-value vehicles, 85,000 Euros and £600.

A European Arrest Warrant for Roden, who featured on the Operation Captura fugitive list, was also executed as he is wanted by West Midlands Police in connection with the importation of 70 kilos of cannabis in 2013.

An extradition hearing is expected to take place in Madrid this week.

Dave Allen, head of the International Crime Bureau at the NCA, said: “The arrest of Michael Roden marks yet another success for Operation Captura and highlights the effectiveness of the campaign in flushing out fugitives.

“We’ve caught 73 out of 86 fugitives on the Captura list and will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to find the remaining 13.”

Lord Ashcroft, KCMG PC, founder and chair of Crimestoppers, added: “The success of Operation Captura has been quite incredible and I commend all those at Crimestoppers, the NCA and the Spanish authorities for their tireless work in locating these wanted individuals – we are now down to the unlucky 13 who still remain at large.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the remaining fugitives are urged to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 900 555 111 from Spain or 0800 555 111 from the UK.