September 28th, 2016

Redditch heroes should be nominated for photography project

Redditch heroes should be nominated for photography project Redditch heroes should be nominated for photography project
Updated: 11:03 am, Jul 15, 2016

A PHOTOGRAPHY project has been launched to recognise local heroes and give residents a chance to show their appreciation.

Photographer Henriette Lang is searching to find 100 local heroes from the Midlands and she needs the people of Redditch to nominate worthy candidates.

Those selected in the final 100 will be photographed by professional photographer Henriette and their pictures will be featured in various photography exhibitions around the Midlands.

She said: “We must remind the people of Redditch that there are a lot of genuinely good people around and that they deserve to be nominated.

“I want to know who has done something great for others in the local community, who they are and what their story is.

“All communities have people who give their time and passion to their community and I believe they should be recognised.”

The half Danish, half Norwegian photographer who helps Birmingham Homeless Outreach in her spare time has kicked off the project with her own hero nomination.

“I have started by nominating my local hero, Rik James, who helps the homeless in Birmingham,” said the Bromsgrove-based photographer.

“At the moment Rik works every single evening, trying to help everyone who needs him.

“Whether it’s the bus driver who always helps you with your bags or the lady down the road who looks after stray animals, I want people to come forward and express their appreciation for the local people who change lives.”

The 100 hero pictures will be up for sale after the exhibition and all the profits will go to the Birmingham Homeless Outreach charity who help the ‘invisible’ homeless community in and around the city.

To nominate your local hero visit or find out more at