September 22nd, 2016

Redditch mental health group hoping for highway bridge action

Redditch mental health group hoping for highway bridge action Redditch mental health group hoping for highway bridge action
Updated: 1:07 pm, Sep 09, 2016

A MENTAL health organisation in Redditch is hoping the county council will take action on the Muskets Way Bridge after a meeting took place yesterday (Thursday).

Council chiefs met at the town hall to discuss the issue, at the request of the leader of the Worcestershire County Council, Simon Garaghty, who pledged to address the issue within three months of their June meeting. however Redditch Mental health Action group, were not invited or made aware of the meeting which they expected to be consulted upon.

Mhag chair Harriet Ernstsons-Evans said: “Whatever the outcome of the meeting, I hope the councillors and other representatives realise that something has got to happen at the site to stop any more tragic incidents occurring there.

“Clearly the correct solution depends on a variety of factors including the safety of those using the bridge and the safety of those travelling in vehicles on the Bromsgrove Highway below. There is also a financial cost but I hope the human cost of so many incidents there is considered during the discussion.

“I hope the eventual outcome will give some peace of mind to the families who have fought so hard for years since losing their loved ones there to ensure no other families have to suffer in the same way.”

The Standard asked the council why Mhag had not been consulted and why the meeting was made public.

Coun Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways said: “Public safety is our number one priority when it comes to all of our roads, highways, footpaths and bridges. We have a commitment to follow responsible reporting guidelines and for this reason will not comment further at this time. Further information will of course be released when the matter is next in the public domain through Council.”