September 23rd, 2016

Redditch mum thanks car crash hero who saved son

Updated: 4:59 pm, Jun 16, 2016

A REDDITCH mum wants to thank the unknown hero who saved her son’s life after a serious car crash on Saturday (June 11).

Tracie McDonough of Church Hill was in her car with her two children ans her niece and nephew on Paper Mill Drive when she caught something in the road and lost control.

To avoid hitting other cars she swerved into a tree and the impact left her eldest son, severely autistic Peter, with serious head injuries.

The single mum said she was so lucky a serviceman stopped at the accident to help the five of them.

“When the car stopped and I saw all the blood I couldn’t even look because I was so worried he had died. It was terrifying.

“It was so lucky this man came along and put pressure on the wound or Peter would have bled out.

He then sat with him and kept talking to him to keep him calm.”

When the emergency services arrived they initially wanted to take the 15-year-old to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital but as his injury was so serious there was no time and they had to staple his head without anaesthetic.

“I really want to find the man and thank him for saving Peter’s life. Even his little girl sat with the other children to keep them calm.

“I want to thank everyone who stopped to help us.

“I suffered severe bruising to my arms, chest, legs and hips but the other children were okay. it is a miracle we walked away. I can’t believe it. ”

However the turmoil has not ended there for the family as the collision wrote off their car and Tracie says she desperately needs the car to get her son to his special needs school in Bromsgrove but can’t afford to replace it.

“Peter was in a psychiatric ward last year and I fought to get him home. He has severe autism and since getting him home he has thrived and since sending him to the special needs school he now attends he is happy.

“This crash has caused him so much distress and it is vital that I get him back to normality and to those who can help him.”

Tracie has now set up a fund-raising page – to donate visit