September 24th, 2016

Redditch police issue guidelines to beat ‘courier fraud’

Redditch police issue guidelines to beat ‘courier fraud’ Redditch police issue guidelines to beat ‘courier fraud’

NEVER give your PIN, security or bank details to anyone over the phone – that’s the message from local police after a series of scam calls and ‘courier fraud’ attempts.

The caller claims to be from the police or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and in all cases it seems they either ask for bank details or ask for some sort of exchange of money.

A police spokesman said: “What is courier fraud? The potential victim gets a phone call. The fraudster pretends to be a police officer (says they are investigating a fraud on their bank account and have made an arrest) or they might claim to be from the victim’s bank (they say they are investigating fraud relating to the account).

“What to do about it:

“The fraudster asks for account details – do not give it.

“The fraudster asks for PIN details and other security information – do not give it.

“The fraudster may ask for the PIN to be keyed into the phone using the keypad – do not do it – available technology will record it for the fraudster to use later.

“If you get suspicious – the fraudster will realise and suggest you ‘hang up’ and call the police or even your own bank to confirm identity and that they are legitimate. Do not do this using the same phone as the fraudster doesn’t hang up so all that happens is that you, the potential victim, are re-connected to the same phone and the fraudsters are ready with appropriate responses to continue the fraud.”

He added that the fraudsters may ask that large amounts of cash are withdrawn from the victim’s account, explaining that the money is required for forensic examination. The victim will be instructed not to tell the bank why they are withdrawing the money, giving the reason that the bank might be involved in the fraud. “This is not true.

“They will instruct the victim to put the bank cards and/or money into an envelope and give them to a courier or taxi Do not do this.

“The taxi (courier) will have been sent by the fraudster to collect the items and deliver to them.

“Bank cards are collected for later use by the offenders to withdraw money using the PIN provided by the victim.”

Police say:

1) If you get a suspicious call end it immediately, never give your PIN, security or bank details to anyone over the phone.

2) Wait at least five minutes before attempting to make another call to ensure you’re not reconnected to the offender.

3) Use a different phone e.g. a mobile phone or a neighbour’s phone. If that is not possible then phone a known friend that you will recognise to test the phone to confirm you aren’t still unwittingly connected to the offender.

4) Never send your bank cards to anyone via courier, taxi or by any other means – your bank or the police would never ask for this Information.

5) If you get a call like this, please report straight away on 101.