September 29th, 2016

Redditch is praised for welcoming refugees

Redditch is praised for welcoming refugees Redditch is praised for welcoming refugees
Big hearted people from Redditch and Bromsgrove have been hard at work raising funds to cushion the arrival of the refugees from war-torn Syria.
Updated: 10:54 am, Jul 11, 2016

REDDITCH has been praised for the way it has welcomed the first Syrian refugees in Worcestershire to the town.

The two families fleeing the war-torn country arrived in the borough at the end of last month to be met by a welcoming committee and a fact sheet about Redditch, translated into Arabic, with a personalised message from local MP Karen Lumley and the leader of the authority Councillor Bill Hartnett.

“We’ve been praised for that approach in the county and it has been picked up as good practice,” said Coun Hartnett.

The two families are believed to be a widow with two teenage daughters and an older daughter and a family with a young baby.

Both groups have been put up by private landlords and Coun Hartnett underlined the authority would not be out of pocket because of their arrival.

“No council tax payers’ money is being spent here, it’s all being funded from central government and when the children go to school there will be financial assistance for the schools,” said Coun Hartnett.

Worcestershire has agreed to house 200 refugees with Wyre Forest district, centred on Kidderminster, the next county area to offer them refuge.

“Offering a home to the refugees is a great thing for Redditch to do,” said Coun Hartnett.

“We are the most culturally diverse town in the county and I’m proud that the landlords of Redditch came forward to offer them accommodation and I am sure that once settled they will play an active and productive role in our town.”