September 24th, 2016

Redditch Save the Alex campaign not a Labour Party front

CLAIMS the Save the Alex campaign used public money to fund adverts promoting the Labour party have been dismissed by the group’s chairman.

Neal Stote refuted allegations sponsored adverts promoting the party on the groups’ Facebook page were paid for by donations or by the Labour party itself.

The post, which promoted the Standard’s story about the shadow health minister’s promise to hold a summit if Labour were elected, surfaced on social media on the day residents were visiting their polling stations to vote for their next MP and government.

The move attracted criticism from a number of residents, with some fearing the apolitical group were encouraging people to vote Labour in the elections as well as using public funds.

But Mr Stote said the advert was paid for personally and he did it to show both sides of the argument surrounding services at the Alexandra.

“Save The Alex has never been and is not a Labour Party front. It holds politicians of all colours to account to find the best outcome for the hospital,” he said.