September 25th, 2016

Redditch scrap man comes to the rescue of Primrose hospice after break in

Redditch scrap man comes to the rescue of Primrose hospice after break in Redditch scrap man comes to the rescue of Primrose hospice after break in
Updated: 3:03 pm, Aug 25, 2016

A KIND-HEARTED Redditch scrap dealer has come to the aid of primrose hospice after they were heartlessly burgled last week.

Dan O’gorman runs Arrow metal Redditch Ltd and decided to donate £300 to the charity who had their tools and gardening equipment stolen overnight between Monday, August 15, and Tuesday , August 17.

Staff at the hospice, which cares for people at the end of their life, were left shocked and devastated when they discovered £200 worth of equipment had been taken- But Dan is now coming to the rescue to replace them.

He visited the hospice, on St Godwald’s Road in Bromsgrove, on Wednesday (August 24) to donate funds to the delight of chief executive Helen Briscoe, volunteer manager Jo Merrett and her team.

Mr O’gorman said: “My dad has volunteered with the hospice for over a year now and when I read about the burglary at the hospice I called him right away.

“I thought as soon as i read it that i would would like to donate and help out because i just don’t know what sort of person would do that.

“My dad felt exactly the same and said to me it would be nice if someone could donate and he was over the moon when I told him that’s exactly what i had in mind.”

But it is not just Dan who rushed to help the cause. Several of the hospice patients and their family were so shocked and saddened to hear about the break in they donated their old gardening tools.

As community members have banded together to replace some of the stolen items, some of the donated funds will now go toward s improving security and CCTv on the grounds to prevent future criminals from targeting the hospice.

“It has been really heartwarming to hear from generous kind hearted people who want to help. One local donor put an envelope though the door containing £20 and every donation is hugely appreciated.

“It is a shame that thieves feel that they can steal from a charity but the positive response has really encouraged the staff and volunteers here. Our volunteer gardeners work so hard and we are lucky to have beautiful grounds so I am delighted we can provide them with the equipment they need.

“We work so very hard to raise funds to provide our services free for local people and it is always difficult when we have to spend money unnecessarily. With the donations received we hope to improve and update our CCTV equipment and site security to hopefully prevent this happening again as well as purchase the tools needed.”