September 24th, 2016

Redditch students look back in time for project

Updated: 2:59 pm, Jul 01, 2016

REDDITCH students have been getting involved in a project which looks at the changes in the town since the 60s based on interviews with the residents.

Birchensale Middle School, Ridgeway Academy and Woodfield Academy contributed to Jestaminutes’ Redditch 1964 – The Start of Something Big’ project to look through the town’s industrial heritage thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Redditch borough council giving more than £40,000 to the project which will run for the next six months.

They conducted more than 20 interviews over two weeks and on Tuesday (June 28) the pupils performed at the Town Hall to show what they had learned through a play, a new board game designed around Redditch, recorded radio drama and a Pointless-style quiz.

figure heads from around the town enjoyed the performance and among them was Councillor Pat Witherspoon, portfolio holder for Leisure and Tourism.

She said: “This is so important because it gets children involved and understanding times gone by and how they influence our future.

“It is fantastic they have used art, something they care about, and have been familiar with since they started education, and using it to express themselves.

“Projects like this do brilliant work and have just been excellent over the years.”