September 28th, 2016

Redditch woman bags £25,000

Redditch woman bags £25,000 Redditch woman bags £25,000

A REDDITCH woman had double the cause to celebrate on her birthday this year when she learnt she was the winner of £25,000.

Jane Walker was enjoying a relaxing day round the pool on July 3 whilst on holiday in Corfu when she received an email informing her she was the winner of a Kettle Chips competition she had entered last year.

The promotion saw entrants submit a unique code from a crisp packet online to be in with a chance of winning a handmade kitchen or a cash prize.

“At first I just ignored it – my husband thought it was a scam,” Jane said. “But once I received a further two emails with Kettle Chips themselves copied in I began to think it might actually be worth contacting them.”

After calling the number given in the email and leaving her contact details, the 54-year-old resumed her sunbathing and even had a little siesta before her phone disturbed her again.

“We were lying round the pool, which was really quite quiet with everyone relaxing,” Jane laughed. “They told me I was the winner of the grand prize and I was just having to whisper so as not to disturb everyone.

“I couldn’t even show any enthusiam!”

The Redditch Council employee said choosing the cash over the kitchen was an easy decision although she was ear-marking some of the fortune for home improvements.

Jane plans to treat her colleagues to a meal as a celebration and has purchased some diamond earrings for herself along with planning her next holiday, which most probably will be to the Balerics or the Canary Islands.

“It’s been wonderful,” she added. “I never thought something like this would happen to me.”