September 30th, 2016

Redditch’s Allan, 103, has appetite for life

Redditch’s Allan, 103, has appetite for life Redditch’s Allan, 103, has appetite for life
Updated: 4:37 pm, Jul 07, 2016

A REDDITCH man with a sharp sense of humour and an astonishing appetite will celebrate his 103rd birthday on July 14 (Thursday).

Allan Charles Anthony Barber, who has lived in Redditch since 1956, has enjoyed free fish and chips from Rectory Road Fish Bar ever since his 100th birthday.

“I’ve never seen anyone put so much food away as my dad does,” said his son Daryl.

“He’ll happily polish off a large portion of fish and chips with no trouble at all. Sometimes I have to do a double take and check if he really has eaten the fish supper I’ve put in front of him.

“Sometimes, he’ll even come back for seconds.”

Allan’s extended family and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren keep in touch with the quick-witted Allan via Skype and the centenarian is a dab-hand on the iPad too.

Daryl, aged 66, who cares for his father, added: “He loves seeing his grandchildren on Skype and keeping in touch with the family who are abroad. The only thing that sometimes confuses him on Skype is the little picture of the old man in the corner.”

Allan says he doesn’t have a particular secret to his long life, but he thinks a good appetite and sense of humour certainly help.

Allan hopes to have a lot of visitors on July 14 and plans to spend his 103rd birthday with his family in Redditch and perhaps visit the Mount Carmel church.