September 25th, 2016

Remember remember to keep safe this 5th November

Remember remember to keep safe this 5th November Remember remember to keep safe this 5th November

AS BONFIRE Night approaches, police officers want your celebrations to be a booming success and so are offering Redditch residents advice on how to stay safe.

Residents are advised to attend one of the large organised displays held throughout the town but should families want to hold their own firework displays, they are asked to consider their neighbours and follow this advice:

When buying fireworks, you should always ensure they comply with the British Standard BS7114. This will be shown on the box and on the fireworks themselves.

You cannot buy or use fireworks if you are under 18, and fireworks should always only be handled by a responsible adult.

Always follow the instructions on each firework box, and keep them in enclosed in the box until use. Never keep them in your pocket.

Fireworks should be lit at arms length and by an adult who is standing well back – if the firework does not go off once lit, never approach it as it could still explode.

Children should always be supervised around fireworks.

Sparklers should be lit one at a time whilst wearing gloves and children should always be supervised when using them while youngsters under five should not be allowed to use sparklers.

Pet should be kept indoors with the television left on to distract them from the noise.

Fireworks should not be set off 11pm or after midnight on November 5.

If you are planning on hosting your own display, officers urge residents to inform their neighbours so they are prepared for the noise and disturbance fireworks can cause.

When building or attending a bonfire, residents should ensure the bonfire is well away from buildings, trees and fireworks and is stable enough to ensure it will not collapse outwards.

You should always keep a distance from the fire once it is lit and supervise children at all times.

Prior to lighting a safety check should be conducted to ensure no animals are hiding inside the fire.

Residents are advised never use flammable liquids to light the fire, such as petrol.

Superintendent David McWilliam said: “Please be a responsible and considerate member of your community.

“We all know the dangers of fireworks, however we often become complacent due to them being commonplace.

“Please be responsible, consider others within your community, act within the law, stay safe and help others stay safe.”