September 27th, 2016

Remembering fallen hero of Ypres battle

THE 100th anniversary of the death of Private Charles F Maries who fought in the Great War and, died on June 25, was marked last week at his resting place in Plymouth Road cemetery.

Local historian Philip Jarvis and a number of colleagues placed flowers and poppy crosses on his grave.

Charles was a fish hook filer by trade and was a member of the Worcestershire Regiment 1/8 Battalion and was wounded on May 21 ,1915, fighting in Ypres.

He died of wounds in Edmington Hospital, London on June 25, 1915.

He was a pupil at St Stephens School which was then situated in Archer Road.

The Second Battle of Ypres lasted from April 22, 1915 to May 25, 1915 and saw the first use of poison gas by the German Army.

Further 100th anniversaries will fall this year for Edwin Parsons, on August 6, and John A Halford, on November 13, one of the oldest Redditch soldiers to lose their life.

It is hoped all the fallen in the Plymouth Road Cemetery will have their anniversaries marked over the next four years.