September 29th, 2016

Residents angry at mess left by travellers in Ipsley

Updated: 4:41 pm, Jul 10, 2015

HUMAN excrement and toilet paper have been dumped at a popular dog walking spot by travellers.

That is the claim of residents fed up with the incursion into Ipsley Fields in the Arrow Valley Park.

Adrian Walford, who walks his dog over the fields said the group had been camping at the site for more than two weeks despite calls to Redditch Borough Council to move them on.

Mr Walford said: “There’s human excrement on the ground everywhere and toilet paper but if my dog had a poo and I hadn’t picked it up I’d have been fined.

“They are driving through the fields at high speed and the council aren’t interested – they say it’s a police matter.

“There have also been altercations with pedestrians and the council are doing absolutely nothing.”

A Redditch Borough Council spokeswoman said: “The safety and security of our residents is our main priority and we have monitored the situation throughout. Some of the occupants of the site have now moved on, and we have worked pro-actively and have been liaising with partners, including the police, to get this pushed through the necessary court process as quickly as possible.

“As a council we do not condone littering of any sort – certainly not human faeces, which is obviously a public health issue and any site clearance required will be actioned as a matter of priority.”

She added: “We are fully aware that this incursion has impacted on local residents but please be assured that we are doing all we can to resolve what is a particularly difficult situation with a required legal process to be followed.”