September 24th, 2016

Residents are not feeling the love

Residents are not feeling the love Residents are not feeling the love
Updated: 10:23 am, May 07, 2015

WORCESTERSHIRE is not feeling the love according to the findings of a survey released this week.

The La Redoute questionnaire revealed 27 per cent of residents had not said ‘I love you’ in a year or could not remember saying it.

But nearly everyone – a total of 97 per cent – said they felt special or happy when they heard the magic three words.

A fifth believe ‘I love you’ sounds better when said in French and 30 per cent say it daily.

Saida Gallouj, chief executive officer at La Redoute UK, said: “We were astounded by our research, which showed that 83 per cent of Worcestershire want to hear ‘I love you’ every day, yet only 30 per cent say it that often.”

Nearly half of all respondents in the county – 47 per cent – said they did not care what their other half wore but a total of 23 per cent were partial to a classic look of a suit and tie or a little black dress.

But when it came to talking about what they found the most attractive quality in their loved one, personality came out top in the poll with 45 per cent of the votes.