September 25th, 2016

Residents unite against street parking nightmare

Residents unite against street parking nightmare Residents unite against street parking nightmare
Updated: 9:01 am, Oct 23, 2015

LONG-SUFFERING residents from Mount Pleasant stood united in the face of the street’s parking fiasco on Tuesday (October 21).

In a meeting at the Town Hall’s Council Chamber, fed-up neighbours voiced their views on the situation which has seen many of them receive fines that have totalled into thousands of pounds for parking outside their front doors.

Back in April one resident saw his car towed away by bailiffs over the £2,000 they said he owed in unpaid fines.

The situation escalated four years ago when a parking bay was introduced, limiting parking to just 20 minutes between 8am and 6pm.

Tuesday’s meeting was called to discuss how the group, with the help of county councillors Robin Lunn and Graham Vickery and borough councillors Greg Chance and Debbie Taylor, want to proceed on the issue.

Councillors Lunn and Vickery are currently pushing through an application to lift the parking restrictions but the process is expected to take five to six months to be completed.

Unlike other smaller roads in the town, Evesham Road through Mount Pleasant cannot be subject to a parking permit scheme due to its length.

However residents unanimously backed the introduction of a one way system on the Mount Pleasant stretch of road.

The idea, which would take at least 12 months to put into practice, would see the one way introduced at the junction of Salop Road.

Although Salop Road itself would not be affected, suggestions include making Oakly Road, as far down to Ludlow Road, one way – allowing traffic to link back to Mount Pleasant.

The remainder of Oakly Road, below Ludlow Road, would not be affected.

A further meeting is to be held at the Town Hall on November 3 at 5pm where an officer from Highways will be on hand to talk to residents.