September 22nd, 2016

Rethink your rubbish and recycle in Redditch

Rethink your rubbish and recycle in Redditch Rethink your rubbish and recycle in Redditch
Updated: 5:08 pm, Sep 08, 2016

A WEEK-LONG campaign aiming to encourage and educate people about recycling in Worcestershire will launch on Monday (September 12)

Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling and now in its 13th year, the aim of the week is to encourage everyone to think about all items that often get forgotten about when recycling at home.

The Unusual Suspects’ theme aims to educate people about items including bleach bottles, tissue boxes, deodorant cans shampoo and conditioner bottles such as deodorant cans, beauty crème jars and toilet roll tubes that often get forgotten or mixed up when recycling at home.

Figures found that if everyone in the UK recycled one deodorant can, enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 480,000 homes for a year.

Councillor Anthony Blagg, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Environment said: “Recycling is already making a big difference thanks to the dedication of residents.

“Recycling is important, as it saves energy which helps the environment, so it’s great to keep up the good work. Recycle Week is an ideal time for residents to really take a fresh look at their recycling habits, and to see if there are any opportunities to recycle even more items.

“There are lots of items that can be recycled, but some are lesser known or more ‘unusual’ than others, and so that’s what we’re trying to raise awareness of.”

In Worcestershire, recycling is taken to EnviroSort, where all the clean recyclables – cans, glass and plastic bottles, paper and light card- collected from households across Worcestershire are received, sorted and dispatched to reprocessors, who make it into the raw material ready to be made into new products. This saves resources, helps the environment, reduces energy use and supports a thriving circular economy.

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