September 27th, 2016

Robin kicks out unhealthy life

Updated: 5:01 pm, Oct 03, 2015

A REGISTERED blind student who has had no form of formal exercise in 25 years is now training at Redditch Martial Arts.

Robin Day, aged 45 from Redditch, has lost three-and-a-half stone since joining martial art classes in July.

He has been training with his best friend, Mike Shaw, who is also his teacher and the person who introduced him to the sport.

Robin, who has known Mark for 28 years, said: “He suggested it to me for confidence and self-protection as I used to be rather overweight.

“As a result Mike has pushed me from day one, when he saw that my life was going downhill.”

Robin trains for two hours on Monday and Wednesday and an hour on Tuesday and Friday and he’ll soon be starting on Thursdays as well.

And when he’s not doing martial arts he’s at the gym next door doing weight training.

The classes are family orientated and good fun and Robin feels that being at the gym not only keeps him fit but also keeps him in a good state of mind: “As long as I am doing some exercise each day, it keeps my momentum going,” he said.

“There is nothing worse than being disabled and not being able to get out of the house.”

Robin’s dedication has left coach Mike impressed: “I am really proud of him – he’s come an awful long way,” he said.

Mike’s martial art classes run every day except Saturdays at Millsborough House, Redditch.

For more information visit or call on 07432 630052.