September 24th, 2016

School stands firm as parents voice toilet concerns

School stands firm as parents voice toilet concerns School stands firm as parents voice toilet concerns

TUDOR Grange Academy Redditch has given a robust response to fears they are to introduce unisex toilets.

Concerned parents had voiced worries that children ‘will get up to no good’ if they start to share the toilet blocks.

“I think most parents would be horrified at the idea,” said one mum, Dawn Buckley, “and with the school going two-tier you’ll have young children in there with much older teenagers.

“I can see parents being very unhappy at this.”

Another mum said: “They say the doors will be floor to ceiling but at a time when young people are developing I can’t see this being very good for them.”

The new toilet arrangement is due to start in September but headteacher Rose Rees said pupils and parents had nothing to fear.

“Tudor Grange Academy, Redditch, is making significant changes to the main block of toilets for both the male and female students in school,” she said.

“The new toilets will have an open front with dedicated female cubicles on one side and male cubicles on the other. In the middle of the area, there will be a shared hand-wash and hand-drying area.

Doors will cover the front of each cubicle, on both sides, from the floor to the ceiling. These toilets are not unisex,” she added.

“Male and female students will not be accessing the same toilet cubicles at any point. Tudor Grange Academy, Redditch welcomes any questions or queries as we are keen to reassure our students, parents and carers that we have only their best interests at heart.”

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