September 26th, 2016

Severn Trent – water supplies ‘healthy’ for summer

Severn Trent – water supplies ‘healthy’ for summer Severn Trent – water supplies ‘healthy’ for summer
Updated: 4:45 pm, Jun 29, 2015

SEVERN Trent Water is reassuring customers that reservoir levels are at a healthy level – and that gardeners don’t need to be in fear of maintaining their plants.

The water company is reporting that reservoirs, which stretch from mid-Wales to Derbyshire, and other water sources are very healthy at an average of 94 percent full and looking good for the summer ahead.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager said: “We all want to keep our gardens looking their best. The temptation is to get the hosepipe or sprinkler out and leave it running.  But this approach can use as much as 1,000 litres of drinking water, or 220 gallons, in just one hour.

“To put it in perspective, that’s more water than a family of four would normally use in a whole day!  We’re urging gardeners not to worry about the health of their lawns – in fact, watering established lawns is not only unnecessary, but can cause many common lawn problems.  Watering encourages shallow rooting, which in turn means the lawn is more at risk in dry conditions.  So once you start watering, you can’t stop.

“And when we do get a shower or two, that’s probably all your garden needs.  And it’s also the perfect time to collect rainwater in a water butt, that way you can keep the garden watered without using water from the tap.”

Doug added: “We’re in a strong position at the moment as far as our water resources are concerned, and we’re not expecting to have any issues this year.  However, if we all get into good water usage habits now, then the better placed our water supplies will be if we don’t get a lot of rain later in the year.  There are plenty of water saving tips on our website at”

Severn Trent Water reports that even though reservoir levels and other water sources are pretty much full, it’s keen to encourage customers to get into good habits.  The company also has a special offer on water butts on it’s website at, with a 100litre water butt only £14.99 with free delivery.