October 1st, 2016

Sign error leaves road with identity crisis

Updated: 9:41 am, May 07, 2015

COUNCIL bosses were left red faced after giving a Redditch road a new identity by installing the wrong street sign.

The sign on Butler’s Hill Lane in Brockhill was put up by Redditch Borough Council workers near the roundabout which leads onto Brockhill Lane.

But residents were left puzzled when the street name was incorrectly labelled as Butlers Lane.

One man told the Standard: “Some numpty has erected another sign, opposite the original, but the sign says Butlers Lane.

“Clearly the lane is suffering an identity crisis.”

The original street sign cost £50 of taxpayers’ money, while a new replacement sign will be £54.

A spokeswoman for the borough council said: “It was an error and as soon as we realised the issue we started work for it to be replaced straight away.”

The correct street name which is opposite the new sign. Picture by Marcus Mingins 4814001MMR1