September 25th, 2016

Skate ramp protest over ‘nothing to do’

Updated: 10:21 am, May 07, 2015

AN ILLEGAL skate ramp was built in the town centre in protest over a lack of activities for young people.

Chris Lewis decided to create the half-pipe on a disused part of the car park at Redditch Railway Station in a bid to provide somewhere for children to go.

He was given the wood for free by a resident and set about building it despite not having permission from London Midland.

The campaigner told the Standard even though the town had a BMX and skate park, it was too far for youngsters to travel to and was mainly aimed at bikers. “There’s nowhere kids can get to easily. Why haven’t we got somewhere for both BMX riders and skateboarders? I’ve been calling for it.

“It is not fair on the kids living in this town. What we have right now is not good enough and I’ve raised the issue before.

“No one is using the land, it is right in the town centre, why not?”

He added: “People are always complaining about kids hanging around, yet this town doesn’t offer them what they want.”

But as the Standard went to press, the half-pipe had been dismantled and British Transport Police were looking into an accusation of threats made to a member of staff.

A Redditch Borough Council spokeswoman said there were lots of groups and organisations in Redditch offering activities and events for children.

The Standard was unable to contact a representative from Redditch Skate BMX Park for comment.

Anyone with any information about the incident with railway staff should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40.