September 25th, 2016

Smart thinking Jake tops Mensa IQ test

Smart thinking Jake tops Mensa IQ test Smart thinking Jake tops Mensa IQ test
Updated: 3:40 pm, May 12, 2015

SUPER smart 12-year-old Jake Simian has his sights set on the very top after getting the highest possible score in the Mensa intelligence test.

The Brockhill youngster got a maximum 162 in the exam, run by Mensa, the organisation for the country’s top two per cent of high-powered thinkers.

Now Jake, a Year 7 pupil at Alcester Grammar School, has high hopes of studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or – MIT – to realise his ambition of becoming a scientist.

“We always knew he was clever because he always scored the highest in all the tests he took.” said proud mum Joanne.

“With Mensa we took him up to Birmingham and he sat two papers of 45 minutes each and a fortnight later we got the results.

“I’d like to think he gets it from me but I’m sure my husband Pascal would say it’s from him, but we’re both very proud of Jake.” she added.

The couple have two other children who are also getting great results but Joanne thinks Jake will go far.

“I’d prefer him to go to university in this country, but he has his heart set on America and we’ll just have to see where he goes from there.”