September 26th, 2016

Studley police operation sees eight cars taken off the road and one man arrested

POLICE seized eight cars and arrested a wanted man as part of an operation which saw them crack down on vehicle crime.

Officers set up camp at Studley Sports Centre on Abbeyfields Drive off the A435, on Tuesday (July 19) where they were on lookout for motorists driving without tax, insurance or an up to date licence and MoT as well as targeting vehicles which may have already been used in offences.

The team included officers from the Studley, Stratford and Alcester safer neighbourhood teams as well as the cross border enforcement team.

More than 70 vehicles were stopped, including one belonging to a 33-year-old man from Oldbury who was wanted for failing to appear in court for theft charges.

The vehicles of five drivers were seized for no insurance, three for not having tax and two were reported for not having a valid MoT.

PC Pete Hayes said: “We are out here to protect our community from harm by taking illegal vehicles off the road and keeping people safe.

“Many criminals use a car to commit their crimes, to steal goods or to make good their escape.

“Operations like this stop and deal with a great number of offences. it is scary some of the people you pull into these sites.

“I would say about three quarters of the cars seized belong to people with a criminal record.

“Hopefully it will make people think about the potential impact on you and those around you should an un-roadworthy vehicle be involved in an incident.”