September 26th, 2016

Studley school remains ‘hidden’

Studley school remains ‘hidden’ Studley school remains ‘hidden’
Updated: 12:10 pm, Jul 15, 2016

STUDLEY may have a high school rated as ‘Outstanding’ by inspectors from Ofsted – but few people know it actually exists.

That was the message from headteacher Lee Grey when he addressed Studley parish councillors last week.

The Crooks Lane seat of learning bowled over school inspectors when they last visited yet Mr Lee told councillors: “You can catch a bus to Alcester Grammar from Studley but there is not one single bus bringing pupils in to us.

“People in Mappleborough Green are expected to walk to Studley because it is within three miles, yet I certainly wouldn’t be keen on my children walking along the busy A435.

“However, you can catch a bus from The Dog pub to Henley High School. It’s almost quite difficult to choose to come to Studley.”

He added that the school, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, didn’t even have a single signpost saying where it was.

“I’m not into aggressive marketing, but this is a competitive area and we have to let people know we have an outstanding environment here.

“Part of our strategy has got to be attracting people to the local area who want to send their children to an outstanding comprehensive school.”

The meeting discussed gateway signs at the entrance of the village with vice chairman Councillor Jim Bacon suggesting a changeable sign: “So we could involve other organisations, for instance ‘Home of Studley in Bloom’, Home of the Needle Industry’ and ‘Home of Studley High School’.”

However, councillors acknowledged that a final decision would have to rest with Warwickshire County Council, although Coun Brian Dixon did offer to site a sign on his own land at the entrance to the village.