September 25th, 2016

Lakeside’s The Cooking Company has the secret to success

Lakeside’s The Cooking Company has the secret to success Lakeside’s The Cooking Company has the secret to success
Updated: 9:01 am, Oct 18, 2015

THE OWNER of Lakeside’s award winning The Cooking Company has put the secret to her success down to good quality ingredients.

Sue Price-Whittle is setting taste buds tingling all over Redditch with her Sticky Pomegranate Lamb Flatbread which scooped the title for Evening Culture Sandwich Challenge UK winner at the Cafe Life Awards.

“Good quality ingredients are needed to make the best sandwiches,” said Sue. “Keep it simple and let the ingredients talk for themselves.”

Sue, and her tasty flatbread were honoured with the accolade before a live theatre audience at Lunch! – the contemporary food-to-go show in London’s Business Design Centre.

The sandwich itself is made from slow roasted shoulder of lamb and takes around 12 hours to prepare, which is marinated in fresh pomegranate juice with spices such as cumin, garlic, cinnamon, lemon and rosewater.

Sue likes to serve the delicacy in a Turkish style flatbread, with yogurt, fresh apple, mint and dates.

She added: “A glass of deep, red jammy Rioja and fresh green salad finishes the dish perfectly.”

The Cooking Company, based in Arrow Road North, is taking the catering world by storm – having previously won awards at The Sammies, the British Sandwich Association’s very own Grammys.

Sue provides event catering, private and corporate, throughout the West Midlands with The Cooking Company, which is the sister company of Rachel’s Cupcakes.

The team behind the recipes have just launched BAKEMAIL, which offers next day delivery on slices of home-made cakes.

“So many people have asked us to send our cakes to friends outside of town,” Sue added. “We are hoping this is one way for the rest of the UK to enjoy our baked goodies.”