September 25th, 2016

Thanks for helping poorly and abandoned dog

Thanks for helping poorly and abandoned dog Thanks for helping poorly and abandoned dog
Updated: 9:52 am, May 07, 2015

CHARITY workers caring for an abandoned dog have thanked people who helped contribute towards his vet costs.

Robin Hood, who featured in last week’s Standard, has been taken in by the RSPCA Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire branch and had his first operation yesterday (Thursday).

The abandoned dog has a severe case of a condition called cherry eye which impacts his vision and makes his eyes sore, weepy and infected, leading the RSPCA to launch an appeal to help towards the costs of his care.

Geraldine Haynes, volunteer dog rehoming co-ordinator, said they wanted to thank the kind-hearted residents who had generously donated towards his vet treatment.

Ms Haynes added: “Volunteers of the branch and Robin Hood of course really appreciate all the help and support.

“Despite all he’s been through, Robin Hood is so trusting and just stood there while the vet examined his sore, weeping eyes. He’s been on antibiotics, painkillers and eye drops this week to help ease the pain and suffering. He is a truly wonderful young boy and how someone could have abandoned him in such a terrible state is unbelievable.”

She added he was going into the vets to have his worst eye operated on and to be neutered this week and, once recovered from the initial operation he would have surgery on the other eye.