September 25th, 2016

Thieves grab safe in raid on Redditch business

Thieves grab safe in raid on Redditch business Thieves grab safe in raid on Redditch business
Updated: 4:00 pm, Oct 12, 2015

STAFF at award-winning Redditch Co-operative Homes were left picking up the pieces after thieves raided their Britten Street premises last weekend.

The thieves caused a fair degree of damage during the break-in before they made off with the business’s safe.

However director Carl Taylor said the safe had been emptied on Friday and only contained a small amount of cash, a couple of iPads and a laptop and docking station.

“They probably caused more damage getting in, it was just very frustrating coming in and discovering it but we were back working as normal within half an hour only having to stop for the police to come in and do their forensics,” he said.

Redditch Co-operative Homes, part of the Accord group, is in partnership with Redditch borough council, and has won widespread acclaim for designing, developing and building cutting edge affordable homes for the people of the town.

It has picked up national recognition and awards for its development at Marlfield Farm in Church Hill and has further developments at Matchborough and one currently underway at the old Hewell Road swimming baths site, again providing affordable homes for local residents.

Police are investigating the incident.