September 26th, 2016

Town has chance to keep landmark spire

Town has chance to keep landmark spire Town has chance to keep landmark spire
H Cross

A BUSINESSMAN from Headless Cross is offering Redditch residents the opportunity to snap up a piece of the town’s history before it is transported out of Redditch or even overseas.

Phil Thomas is prepared to offer the people of Redditch the chance to keep the 118-year-old spire of the former Headless Cross Methodist Church in its home town – for £35,000.

“I have had an offer from outside of the area,” Phil said. “But, to keep the spire in Redditch, I would be happy to not necessarily accept the highest bid.”

Planning permission has been granted to clear the Evesham Road site and for nine homes to be built but so far it has not been possible to find a developer that is willing to keep the spire.

“Given the nature and age of the building, I think it would be a shame to lose the landmark from the area, but if no local offer is made, the spire will be sold to the highest bidder.”

Built in 1897, the church has been derelict since dwindling congregations led to its closure in 2009 and it was sold off by the church authorities.

Phil added he would be happy for anyone interested in purchasing the landmark to pursue their own quotes for the dismantling of the spire.

“It is steeped in history,” he added. “It would be great to find another use for it in Redditch.”