September 26th, 2016

Tykie toys take off for manager

Tykie toys take off for manager Tykie toys take off for manager
Sarah Hamson
Updated: 3:59 pm, Oct 12, 2015

A REDDITCH practice manager has embraced her inner creator and launched a nostaglic toy company from her Lakeside home – and business is booming.

Sarah Hamson, who is based at The Dow Surgery in William Street, started Tykie in March of this year after feeling the need to do something creative.

“I needed some ‘me time’,” she said. “My boys were getting older and more independent and my career had just taken me up to a new level. I was worried that I would forget the real ‘Sarah’ and decided to learn a new skill.”

Interestingly, for a 36-year-old mother of two, Sarah learnt how to do a spot of welding.

And it was during her welding journey that she began to design an a one-of-a-kind for her godson.

“I just started sketching an idea on the welding bench in chalk,” she added. “And now, even though I never intended to make more than one, Tykie is born.”

A Tykie, is an old-fashioned typically wooden toy which includes a seat for the rider that is balanced on a tyre.

Sarah models the toys, which also come in adult size, from English oak whilst the handlebars and footrests are crafted in true traditional Tykie style – from antlers.

With the original Tykie, which measures 37 inches in length, priced at £150 Sarah offers a range of the toys from the Tiny Tykie to the Titan Tykie.