September 24th, 2016

Ubi-tech puts ex-soldiers in touch with work

Ubi-tech puts ex-soldiers in touch with work Ubi-tech puts ex-soldiers in touch with work

A LOCAL firm is giving ex-soldiers a head start in forging fresh new careers in the telecommunications industry.

Sambourne-based Ubi-tech is the UK leader in training men and women leaving the military in the field of mobile and cellular communications.

And with four members of the six-strong firm ex-forces, they know precisely what the veterans are going through when they leave for the daunting world of civvy street.

“We owe them a debt for what they have done for the country, protecting the freedoms we take for granted,” said resources director Mike Harbon, himself ex-Navy.

“Sometimes they have had to do a nasty, dirty job in hostile conditions for not much money and we think it’s very important that we recognise what they have done for us.”

The intensive three week Ubi-tech course, backed up by six months of research and study, leads to a post-graduate qualification validated by the University of Wolverhampton, even though most of the students have never been on to higher education.

This is because the experience they have gained in the military – even without any formal study – is often at degree level or above.

“We get all sorts here,” said Mr Harbon, “obviously a lot from the Royal Signals, but we’ve had artificers and chefs, the important thing is if they’ve got the passion to succeed, then we can help them.”

The firm, which has won the back of Falkands War hero Simon Weston, has an enviable success rate, with a 95 per cent success rate in finding work for students.

It doesn’t discriminate either, helping those recovering from injuries find a new career too.

“We had one chap who’d received a leg injury and had to wait for the bone to re-grow again – well he passed our course and is now working as a rigger, climbing all sorts of things, it’s remarkable,2 said Mr Harbon.

On the current course are Andy Wood and Chris Simmonds, both in the Signals, and Tariq Alshab from the Royal Logistic Corps and Jack Baker from the Royal Navy.

“This course offered the complete package,” said Mr Wood, “it gives to the experience and the qualification, and they help with your CV and applying for jobs.”