September 24th, 2016

Van conversion firm parks in town

Van conversion firm parks in town Van conversion firm parks in town

A VAN conversion company is revving up for business after breaking into the motocross sector.

Vanformation has taken space at 21 Thornhill Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, with the help of property agents John Truslove.

The family-run SME is headed by John Breen who has launched on his own after several years in the sector working for others.

He said: “It is a start up business going just a few months and I admit I found it daunting at the outset.

“But, primarily through word of mouth, we are getting our name around, people are recognising our work and it is starting to produce for us.”

Vanformation provides customised conversions, taking panel vans and doing bespoke makeovers in line with the client’s budget.

So, for example, they will put in carpeting, a kitchen, a sleeping area – something akin to a motorhome.

The motocross angle came via a spin-off from John’s grandson racing the machines at venues around the country. The fit-out includes purpose built bike racks.

The firm has also branched into the VW leisure market where there are thousands of enthusiasts.

Ian Parker, a director of John Truslove, said: “It is a very interesting business and we very much believe it is a racing certainty to succeed.

“It is great to see entrepreneurs taking a risk and doing their own thing. This ultimately is what Britain is about.”

Vanformation has taken the 1,667 sq ft unit on a five year lease.