September 22nd, 2016

Village health centre shuts after GP exodus

Village health centre shuts after GP exodus Village health centre shuts after GP exodus
Updated: 10:49 am, Sep 16, 2016

STUDLEY Health Centre will be axed after a meeting with the Clinical Commissioning Group on Wednesday (September 14).

It was decided the surgery would be shutting on December 31, after three General Practitioners handed in their notices within a few days and Warwickshire CCG have been unable to fill their positions.

Coun Hazel Wright attended the meeting and was charged with acting as the voice of the patients. She believes the future of medical services for Studley residents will now revolve around the Pool Road Medical Centre.

“I asked them if they were going to go down the dispersal route, can we see this as an opportunity to have more out of hospital services?

“It would be great if after this huge loss, the people of Studley could end up with something better.

“It seems awfully strange three doctors would hand in their notice at the same time and it would seem they were under pressure to do so. But every time I ask I am told it is all confidential.”

The surgery catered to 2,000 patients and 200 have already registered elsewhere. Studley health Club will no longer be able to accept any more registrations.

The partners at Studley Health Centre, said: “The decision to terminate our contract to run the practice was a very difficult one. We had explored all other options available before taking this action. It has been a privilege for us and our staff to serve our patients. We would like to thank our patients for the loyalty that they have shown us and the good relationships we have built with them over the years.

“We will continue to help and support our patients during this period of change by working with South Warwickshire CCG and NHS England.”

Alison Walshe, Director of Quality and Governance at South Warwickshire CCG, said: “We understand that some patients may be worried about these changes, especially when they have been treated by a particular GP for a long time, but we are positive that they will continue to receive good treatment from other GP practices in Studley and the surrounding areas.”

David Williams, Director of Commissioning, NHS England (West Midlands), said: “NHS England will work alongside with South Warwickshire CCG and Studley Health Centre to ensure the smooth transfer of patient care and records and that those patients with more complex conditions are supported as they move to alternative GP practices.”