September 25th, 2016

The wait is over and A Level results are in for Redditch students

Updated: 3:39 pm, Aug 19, 2016

Students across Redditch have been nervously opening envelopes and checking websites to find out if their A Level exam results have delivered what they need to succeed.

Throughout the UK, around 201,000 18 year-old applicants have been offered university places, including a full-house from Arrowvale’s RSA Academy, who were pleased to announce that not one of their students was having to go through Clearing this year.

On August 18, the academy announced that this years’ results are the best ever and Executive Principal, Guy Shears said: “All our students have gained their university entry requirements and we are delighted with the superb results this year.

“They reflect the hard work of our students and staff, and also of course our parents. Congratulations to everyone.”

A group of excited friends from Trinity Sixth Form were also pleased to share the fact that they had all been offered places at their chosen universities.

Elle Cross, who will be going on to studying psychology said: “I am so excited about my results. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I was so nervous.”

Elizabeth Moore, who plans to read History at Newman said: “I was incredibly nervous, but we all got here together to support each other.

“We’ve been working so hard all year and revising like crazy together so I’m glad it paid off for us.”

Klaudia Bystrowska was also delighted with her grades.

“I am just so excited – I can’t really describe it. I can’t wait to start university,” said the 18-year-old, who will be studying Russian in Sheffield.

With two As and and A*, House captain Jacob Groves, said: “I was a little nervous, but mostly intrigued and curious to find out what I’d got. I feel relieved now.”

Adrian Ward, Headteacher, said: “I am delighted that Trinity Sixth Form continues to demonstrate a drive for excellence for all our students. The students and staff should be extremely proud of these achievements. This is another year of improvement for the school and I am delighted and very proud of them all.”

Meanwhile at Redditch’s Tudor Grange Academy students also achieved a healthy haul of high grades, with one student – Chloe Weaver – achieving a perfect 100 per cent in her final Biology exam.

For more on Tudor Grange, see Tom Hill’s video at

Anxious parents waited alongside students at St Augustine’s as they opened their results and the humid weather wasn’t the only thing making them sweat.

However Oliver Grubb was delighted with his haul of As and A*s that will allow him to study mechanical engineering in Birmingham.

“I was a little apprehensive, but I feel very good holding this piece of paper right now. I’m really pleased to have achieved this.”

“It’s amazing how much difference a little piece of paper can make,” added fellow student Mark Palmieri.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect today – exams can be very tricky and unpredictable – but I feel relieved now and quite proud of myself.”

Modest St Augustines student, Kyle Hombach said: “My results were a bit of a mixed bag, and compared to my friends I feel like I haven’t done quite so well.

“In reality though, I have got exactly what I need to move forward into a career, and that is definitely the most important thing.”

Those who did not get quite the results they were hoping for are advised not to panic and to consider all options available to them.

Pippa Morgan, CBI Head of Education & Skills policy, said: “As valuable as they are, exam results and qualifications are one of many factors employers look at when hiring. It’s young people with resilience, creativity and a positive attitude who will succeed, in whatever field they pursue.

“There are a thousand ways to build a career and businesses will give them support and the opportunity to shine.”

Youngsters who haven’t got into their first choice university can also apply through Clearing courses with vacancies are listed on the